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How to avoid the trappings of success

You know, one of the problems with success is that if you are not careful, you can become addicted to buying stuff. There is a saying that guys with fast cars are compensating for lack of size elsewhere. Whilst I don’t strictly agree with this, I do believe that guys who buy several super/hyper cars are lacking in something. They can justify it all they want, but there has to be some sort of inner unhappiness that makes people spend/waste hundreds/millions of pounds on cars (or whatever). By the way, that includes me!

There is a note from Einstein currently for auction which says: “A quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success bound with constant unrest”. Whilst I don’t strictly agree with this and I believe everyone is different, I agree with the principle that more materialistic things, bring more unrest. That quick happy buzz from buying something is never the answer and the bigger things you buy, the more desensitise you become. So, if you are already successful or you are planning on being successful, how can you ensure that the materialistic trappings of success don’t “trap” you? I would advice to be cautious from early on and don’t get used to materialistic things. Don’t give yourself materialistic things for no reason.

Pace yourself and only “reward” yourself if you have achieved something truly extraordinary. The same would apply to your children. Don’t just buy them stuff wanting them to be “happy”. This ultimately brings unhappiness as they will have no value for things. Plan a "points system" for them and for yourself and if you/they have acquired enough points, only then should your reward yourself/them. Better to start having control earlier as it gets harder later on

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