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10 effective tips to deal with stress

One of my key success strategies is not to get stressed! And boy do I get stress from EVERYWHERE! Here are my top 10 tips for dealing with stress!

1. Don't listen to the news, don’t read the news or watch the news.

2. Listen to classical music when driving and before sleep.

3. Practice slowing breathing down to 6-8 times a minute for 5 minutes.

4. Practice smiling in front of a mirror and when you feel stressed and you realise your face is tense, smile.

5. When getting anxious or stressed, count to ten. It takes your mind away from the situation.

6. Avoid people that stress you out. You do not owe anyone anything and you don’t have to talk to everyone. Don’t be rude, just make an excuse.

7. Stop yourself taking that first step to becoming stressed “before” you kick off. Example are: Don’t beep your horn at silly drivers, because beeping then makes you follow it through with more stress! Don’t be short with your partner/relatives/friends, because then you both become defensive and the situation gets out of hand. Think before you act.

8. Have a spray of Rescue Remedy by your side and spray into your mouth when stressed (any health shop should have it).

9. Keep some holiday photos handy and look at them regularly.

10. Change your internal language. Never use sentences such as “I’m stressed” or “I’m angry” etc. Instead say things like “I’m going to deal with this” or “I’m going to relax later”.

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