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Emotion v Logic - Speed v Perfection: Learn how to use them for the ultimate success

Speed! Whats more valuable for success: Speed or perfectionism? Logic or emotion? Successful people (I actually mean rich people 😃) are not perfectionists as much as you think. They are more on the side of speed. They get things done. They get things out there. Then they perfect it later, once they have got some feedback and got some momentum.

Most unsuccessful people try and perfect something, maybe register worldwide patents (🤔), go over it again and again and many times, miss the boat! They think, over-think, ask a thousand opinions and never find a way to actually start! Personally, I am successful because I am more on the side of speed than perfectionism. Don’t get me wrong, I am a perfectionist but I am very aware that it is speed that has got me to where I am. As for logic v emotion, successful people are more on the side of logic.

Emotions have a tendency to screw things up for you, getting you to make bad decisions.

The only 2 valuable emotions in business in my opinion are “instinct" and “fun/happiness”. Otherwise, you need to train yourself to be more logical and methodical. I go over these in much more detail in a new podcast I have done which is on iTunes, Youtube and Soundcloud!!! (Yeah got carried away 🙁!). Just search “Parham Donyai”. If you like them, please leave a review! 👍 Good luck.

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