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The importance of targets

I’ll tell you how it came about. Some of the best salespeople that have worked for me over the years have had one thing in common. They achieve targets. Generally, the good ones are driven by hitting their targets. Up from salespeople, you have businessmen. They also have targets, or goals shall we call them. Depending on their business, successful ones will also set and hit targets and achieve goals. One up from businessmen are entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs have much more sophisticated goal-setting. They will have long and short term. They will generally be much more driven and are constantly changing goals and creating new ones. The point is, successful people, be it salespeople or entrepreneurs have setting and achieving target/goals in common. I am always astonished to see people all excited about hitting targets and then they just forget about it or give up at the first or second hurdle! It’s sad. I remember a friend of mine going to a Tony Robbins seminar and walking on hot coal. She was so psyched up. She was going to do this, do that, get rich etc. 2 days later, she was back to the grind and forgot about her new goals.

The point I am trying to make is if you truly want to succeed, the job of setting and achieving targets NEVER STOPS. You have to practice from tonight. Write down ALL the things you need to achieve tomorrow on a piece of paper and make sure you tick them all off tomorrow. You can then move on to bigger targets.

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