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Get your mind accustomed to luxury to get rich!

The other day I saw a quote from a rich guy on Insta. It said: “Don’t envy the rich, be one”? Oh really? And? Great advice! 🙄 I’m doing OK but I have been poor too and I can tell you for a fact that when you are poor or not successful, becoming successful seems a loooong way away. Now that I am more successful, I really want to share practical tips and real-life steps with people on how to become successful. One of the things I can tell you will help you become more successful and hopefully richer is to get your mind accustomed to wealth and luxury. Many people’s minds have trouble “imagining” success and wealth no matter how many motivational quotes they read! This is why it is important to do practical things. Here are some things you can do to get your mind used to success and forcing it to find a way to get you there: 1. Go to a high end car dealer and test drive an expensive car. If you can’t for

test out their luxury items. Feel them, look at them, listen to the sounds. Even before I had money, I always used to get myself used to luxury and luxury items. Now, I can have pretty much any luxury item I want (within reason!) but there was a time they were distant dreams (like many of you now). Take practical steps to “tell” your mind what you want. It will eventually get you there if you tell it enough times.

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