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How do you change your constitution to be more successful?

Want to get yourself a nice car or two but don’t know how? A lot of people tell you to do things to make you a better person but I bet you find them hard to do. Things like: relax, go get it, go and talk to her, don’t be racist, don’t be aggressive etc. Why is it difficult to do things that seem easy to the teller? The reason is “constitution”. Very few people can change their constitution no matter how much mind over matter they try. This is a big reason why many people cannot improve or change themselves. It is extremely difficult to change your constitution - but if you want to succeed in any endeavour, you may need to do it and if your mind cannot do it for you, like 99% of people, then you need to “physically” alter things. I will give you some examples, if you are any of the following and what physical things you can do to change: 1. Shy, timid or no drive: You need to take some Testosterone boosters. They will naturally increase what you cannot increase by mind alone! 2. Aggressive: You need to cut down on red meat and possibly take herbs such as Valerian, Chamomile or Bach flower remedies: Impatiens & Beech. 3. No energy or motivation: You need to take caffeine and up your carbohydrates. 4. Racist. You need to go to an immigrant area, sit in a cafe and talk to some people. You will see people are just like you, no matter what race or colour. 5. No empathy: You need to volunteer for some charity work. 6. Anxious, stressed: Cut down on caffeine, take anti-histamines for a bit, drink Pomegranate juice which is a natural beta blocker. More on this soon.

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