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How to build anchors to be more successful in the future

Oh to be young and on the beach ☹️ I am going to give you a bit of weird advice today! This is especially for the youngsters out there. Whenever you are on holiday or enjoying life, make sure you listen to music. Doesn’t matter what music. Just listen and enjoy. Also, use scents. For example, use a specific cologne or perfume or put scents in your bath such as Lavender or Ylang Ylang. Why, you ask?

Because later in life when you are older and life deals you a bad card or you feel down or things don’t go well and your state of mind is unbalanced, you can listen to the music from your younger days and bring back the scents from your younger days and it will work magic in lifting you and taking you back. It will instantly change your mood and take you to a happier place. Older people can try the same when they are on holiday. Listen to specific music and spray yourself with specific scents. Then in the winter months, you can instantly lift your mood by referring back to your holiday music/scents. And if you don’t think this advice works, then try it before knocking it! And if you try it and don’t like it, then unfollow me. Or I will block you…. OMG I am getting upset… music time! And scent time!!!! 😂

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