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How to get out of your comfort zone

My new #huracanperformante is one scary car! It came about from an attitude of going out of your comfort zone. Do you know what’s on the other side of “scared”? It’s success. Are you one of these guys (or girls) that clams up inside and gets anxious at the thought of approaching a girl you like? Do you get full of worry and find a thousand reasons NOT to do it? You see, 99% of people are like this. They think too much, weigh the situation, and find so many reasons not to do it. This is especially so in a high octane situation like a club with people’s barriers up and expectations high.

How can you overcome this? 1. Don’t approach girls/guys in clubs. Do it in casual places like a coffee shop. Take the pressure off. 2. Don’t think about it; just do it. 3. You are “socialising”, not asking anyone out. 4. Beyond scared is success. Remember that. You need to start having small successes right now, to get yourself ready for bigger successes and there is nothing better than doing something that really scares you, like asking a good looking girl/guy out. Once you get success (and you will), then it becomes second nature. In fact, you will wonder why you never did it years ago.

From this exercise, you can then move on to bigger things and anytime you are scared of doing something, you can apply the same 4 points above: 1. Set the scene and make sure you do things in a place/setting where you have more control and people are more at ease. i.e. have an important meeting in your favourite bar, not the offices of the opponent. 2. Don’t over-analyse things. 3. Nothing is life or death. You are just trying to live your life and do your best, just like everyone else. Don’t over-worry. 4. Beyond scared, beyond your comfort zone, beyond the status quo is success. And beyond success is IMMENSE success.

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