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What do successful businesses have in common?

Successful businesses have some things in common. If you pay attention to these, you are likely to have a good chance of success. Today I was at @topazdetailing talking to the founders, one of whom I have known for many years. They are mega-successful because they tick all these boxes. One of my most successful businesses, also ticks these boxes.

What are they? 1. They are extremely passionate about their business. Passion gets you started and takes you through the hard times. 2. They are on top of their business 24/7. 3. Their product/service is the best and world-class. You can’t go wrong when you have this as long as you keep innovating and don’t fail on the other aspects. 4. Their customer services is great and attentive. 5. Their after-service is great. It’s no point selling goods or services and then when things go wrong, you give a whole load of hassle to the customer. You have to be fair. After-service is as important as the initial sales, if not more. 6. They keep innovating and expanding, but wisely. 7. Their business has grown through word of mouth and the sheer quality of their product. You know you are doing something right when your business grows through word of mouth.

Of course, they have some of their critics too but as I have also found out with my successful businesses, they are usually competitors or people who can’t stand other people being successful. They have to find some fault with the business or the owners. If you ever become super-successful, then be prepared for criticism too. It comes with the territory. If its genuine, you have to use it to get better. If it stems from negativity, you have to ignore it. You can’t please everyone.

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