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What NOT to do to become successful

Here’s my #P1 pre wrap! Today I was speaking to a friend of mine who said he lost £1m in the stock market! I get so many private messages from people asking what to do to be successful and I usually respond to all of them. I just want to talk a little about what I personally will “not" do to have long term, guaranteed success. I know many of you may disagree with some of these but hey, you’re entitled to your opinion! 1. No investing in the stock market. For every 1 person that makes it big, thousands lose their savings or chunks of it especially when they don’t come out at the right time 2. No gambling. Gambling is like a drug and when you’re hooked, you go in deeper and can lose everything. 3. No investing in high risk things. In actual fact, personally I don’t “invest” in things I have no control over. I see this as gambling. This includes crypto currency. Only those pushing it seem to be getting rich! 4. No partnerships. You can work with people, pay them or hire them. You don’t have to give them a share especially if the ideas and/or money is yours. 5. Don’t take cold calls or buy from people who cold-call you. Period. If you need something, you can find it! 6. Don’t trust anyone that lets you down early on in a relationship. Period (again). 7. Don’t give people a 3rd chance. Give them a second chance IF your instincts say so and only if you have been dealing with them for a while. 8. Don’t screw people over when it comes to money. But if someone is not fair to you, don’t deal with them. More later.

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