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10 REAL secrets to success

Here are 10 REAL secrets to success:

A successful person: 1. Actually believes what they say and doesn’t just say it for the sake of practising their vocal cords 2. Believes anything is possible within the realms of reality 3. Wakes up early and stops working ONLY when the job is done, whatever time 4. Doesn’t get influenced by people’s negative opinions 5. Sets a goal, questions it a few times, then writes down a plan and gets on with it. Does not stop until the goal is achieved. 6. Does not hang around negative, un-driven dreamers. 7. Sees not just the bigger picture but the biggest picture imaginable. 8. Is diplomatic, doesn’t burn bridges and comes across well to most people. Being liked is useful to growth. 9. Doesn’t think too long whether they should go out there and do it. Gets out of the house and gets on with it. If you don’t do it for yourself, no one else will. 10. Is passionate about what they are doing and gives it 100% every day. When there is no passion, it is time to get out and move on.

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