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10 effective ways to boost your motivation

10 ways to boost your motivation and productivity: 👇 1. Don’t check your inbox in the morning. Do what you need to do and what you planned to do first. Don’t be ruled by others who distract you with emails. 2. Do make sure you have breakfast to have energy for later in the day 3. Don’t put it off. Do it right now. 4. Make sure you don’t sleep too much or too little. 5. Don’t get used to pick me ups like energy drinks or too much caffeine. 6. Always always plan your day from the night before and make notes. Then go about ticking them off. 7. Have a mentor in mind and if you are stuck ask “what would they do”. 8. Look in the mirror or flip your camera phone, smile and say “I’m having a great day”. I know, sounds daft but it works!

9. Exercise daily. Early morning is a good time but if you can’t do it early, do it any time you can. 10. If something brings you down, get a piece of paper, write down on the left the thing that brought you down and write on the right, 5 things that are great about your life right now. Read the negative on the left loud, then go on and read the 5 positive things loud. Read the 5 things again and again until you feel better. Motivated and productive people are just like you but they have certain habits and tricks. If you can emulate those habits and learn some of the tricks, you can be just like them.

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