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A little SECRET that can make you much more effective in getting what you want

You want me to show you how you can become wealthier? I have been working on this plan for myself. Which one of the above 2 sentences do you like more? I bet the first one. Do you know why?

I used to work for this company years ago and they had a big PR-type corporation on retainer to go through all their letters. Do you know what this big PR company used to do? They used to go through all my employer’s sales letters and change the “I”s to “You”s and change the sentences accordingly. That’s all! 😕 They used to charge thousands for this service. 🤔

You may think what a waste, right? You would be right and wrong. It wasn’t a waste because when you write/say something with the reader in mind and you say YOU a lot, you really connect with the reader. When you say “I” a lot, the reader/listener disconnects from you. It was a waste because after all the editing, you would think my employer would get wise and just change the damn “I”s to “You”s themselves! 🙄

The point I’m making is about sales. If you are in sales and you want to be more successful, you must start thinking more about how you can connect to the reader/listener and not many things do this as good as changing all your “I”s and “we”s to “You”s; especially in sales letters and emails. By the way, this “sales” technique works even on the dating scene or any other area where you are selling yourself or your services.

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