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How can you get what you want?

So, you are on the phone to someone and you really want to sell them something or talking to a girl and you really want to get with her or you’re having a phone interview... What do you do? How can you get what you want? Or let’s say you are in a room with someone and you see them being really negative and going off you. How can you change the situation to your advantage? Wouldn’t it be great to have some “magic tricks” to turn any situation to your advantage?

Yeah, you know where I am going with this. There actually IS a magic trick. Actually, it is a series of magic tricks called NLP which many of you have probably not heard of. I have been using NLP for some 25 years and it’s part of my life. I take it for granted and I assume most others know about it. Many people who use NLP will not tell you about it because they don’t want to have a world with other NLP users as it makes it harder for them to get what they want! Due to lots of requests, I am going to start teaching you NLP techniques. I have started with a new podcast on iTunes and Youtube. Just search “Parham Donyai”.

The best of luck in your endeavours and remember, use NLP for improving yourself and to become successful. Make the world a better place as you go about becoming more successful and don’t use it for evil.

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