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I make no secret of the fact that I love Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and put down a lot of my success to me practicing it. I’m not talking financial success necessarily. I mean success with people (when I want), relationships (when I want) and financial of course. I meet people who either don’t know what NLP is or dismiss it as “common sense” and it makes me laugh. Sometimes I meet people who have studied psychology and they look down at NLP.

Let me give you an example and hopefully you will have a better idea. Let’s say using an NLP phrase, you start making decisions by asking yourself the question: “What is my outcome?”. IF you were to do this with all your decisions, you would find yourself making amazing decisions. Going deeper: Let’s say someone cuts you up on the road. Your normal reaction may be to press your horn, shout or get out of your car. However, "what’s your outcome?" To get stressed? To get beaten up? To get arrested? None hopefully. So you will leave it. If you were more advanced in NLP, you would have used the Swish Pattern to change this behaviour and never fall victim to it again.

Let’s say you buy your partner flowers for Valentine’s and they don’t like the flowers and you get mad. If you knew NLP, you would ask “What’s my outcome?” before getting upset. It wouldn’t be a fight or a bad evening, would it? So you would change your reaction and behaviour accordingly. I can talk for days about NLP. If you like to know more, let me know and I will post more. I have been practising NLP for over 20 years now and owe a lot to it!

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