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How to motivate YOURSELF without needing others!

A lot of the people on Instagram regularly follow "motivators" who push them every day with daily messages. Are you one of them? Let me tell you a secret. You don’t need anyone to “push” or motivate you IF you find the right reason behind your goal. The right reason will instil unshakable discipline in you which will get you to your goals. The problem is, 99% of people don’t manage to quite find this right reason.

Let’s say you are on a cruise ship in Norway and someone says jump in the freezing water for a dare or jump in for a swim. You won’t do it, will you? Now let’s say your child suddenly falls into the water. EVERY excuse in the world will disappear in an instant and you will jump in straight away. You will have THAT reason; the reason I am talking about. This is what it takes to lose weight, to build muscle, to make lots of money etc. If you find THAT reason for WHY you want to become ultra successful, you won’t need to listen to any more predictable daily motivational messages. You would just wake up and get on with your plans. I never listen to any motivational talks because I have found THAT reason and once you find it too, you will never look back.

Start writing down 10 strong reasons for every thing you desire - things you have been putting off or not succeeding at. Pick ONE that is the strongest and compare it to the freezing water example I gave you. If not strong enough, you need to start again. Once you find your unshakable reason, that’s it.

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