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Is education a waste of time if you want to make money?

Many people hold the belief that education is a con and a waste of time and money. I hear people say things like if they had invested the money they put into their education into starting a business, they would have been rich. I think this holds true for many entrepreneurial types. However, I also think that the whole point of education is that you learn to read and broaden your horizons. Most people would never read and do half the things they do when in education, if left to their own devices.

Reading is 100% one of the best ways you can improve yourself and guarantee success in your chosen endeavours. And by reading I mean books. You see, blogs, seminars, rants and Instagram and so on are OK for a little bit of info. However, most people who are worth “something” usually put their best lessons in a book and they structure it, so you “learn” - a bit like if you were in education. I can honestly say that I have been much more successful than I would have been because of all the books I have read over the years - and NOT because of reading stuff on the internet. And education, has taught me that reading is important and has instilled that habit of reading and the motivation to read. Would I have had this motivation to read had I not gone to University? Who knows. If you want to better yourself, choose some known writers in the field you are interested in and invest in some books - irrespective of your educational level. As long as you can read, you should. A good book to start? Anything by @tonyrobbins

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