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Why personal possessions are just "things" and how to deal with them

As you make more money, you can go one of 2 ways. Like many rich people, you can start accumulating more “things” and trusting less people and becoming more isolated from the “rest of the world”. Or you can try and maintain a relatively normal life. I say try, because it’s not as easy as it sounds. Having more money causes its own problems, such as envy and the loss of personal relationships, if you’re not careful. Many of you have messaged me asking why I would even think of selling my P1. The answer is that to me, it is just a “thing” and unlike most relatively wealthy people, I am actually not that attached to things. I like to experience things but then I can easily let go of them. I much prefer to have a great friend than a great car and yes, the car is a lot easier to deal with and trust but life is not about your relationship with objects; it is about your relationship with others.

And to prove my point, the following are a few things I have bought and not kept and if Instagram was around at the time, I am sure I would have got tons of messages: 1. A very rare Riva boat, a true collector’s item 2. A massive well-known country club 3. A silver Pershing yacht. What I am happy to tell you is that I am still very close to several of my friends from school and to me, that is something worth keeping.

If you are 60, would you rather have some good friends you can talk to and share experiences with and rely on (not “social media friends”) or go sit in your P1 by yourself because you put objects ahead of people and you lost many relationships? I may keep the P1 or get another hypercar but to me, they will still be a “thing”.

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