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The power of self reliance

One of the the things you must do when you are younger is to become self reliant. Self-reliance is where you get out of your comfort zone and do a variety of things by yourself. This develops your sense of “self” and makes you a warrior for battles to come. You will not need to “find yourself” later on in life! 😉 In fact, you can tell people who did this warrior training in their early life. They are usually more certain, more determined, more confident and attract others to them. You can also tell those that didn’t do this in their early life. They are usually the needy, uncertain, drama queens 🙄. How can you turn yourself into a warrior, ready for life’s battles? Here are a few tips: 1. Learn to live by yourself for a while without a partner. Learn to enjoy your own company and get to know yourself. MOST importantly, if you break up with someone, do not get back into another relationship immedia

tely. Have you seen these people that just cannot be by themselves? They probably never experienced their own company. 2. Travel by yourself to destinations that take you out of your comfort zone. For example, I went to China many years ago and nearly got kidnapped! It was a great experience! Why? Because it showed me what I am capable of and took me way out of my comfort zone. I was also raised in Tehran with bombs being dropped on our heads, so that sort of made me into a warrior too! 3. Hone your instincts and learn to trust your instincts. The ONLY way you can do this is to make your own decisions and learn to live with their consequences. A good TIP though is to interpret them in a positive way in your mind. For example, if you make a bad decision and go bankrupt, interpret it as “I learned so much and am ready not to make those mistakes again.” Rather than, “I am a failure and will never do business again.” If you can build your instincts, you will be much more successful.

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