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Why you should ignore old friends and "acquaintances"!!

One of my first bosses was always in a hurry and rarely spoke to us employees. He would rush in, say hello and then go into meetings with his right hand man. I always thought how arrogant! Later, I became just like him and the more I became like him, the more successful I got! Bear with me.. . The other day, one of my old acquaintances from 15 years ago who used to come to my office and “chat” for hours popped by at my office in London. I was abroad. If I was in London, I would have not seen him. Why, do you ask? Because I am busy! You see, every evening, I set out a plan of my next day and write it down. Then, the next day, I go about ticking off all the things I had planned, which are usually plenty. I had not planned “chat to old friend about nothing for 2 hours” on my piece of paper. So, it is NOT going to be part of my day. The same goes if my mum calls me and wants to have a chat or coffee. Do I sound ruthless and horrible? Believe me, I have plenty of time for friends, but not during a work week and not when “their plans” or “lack of plans” interferes with my day. . So, how do successful people like my old boss who has at least £200m to his name become so successful? They focus and get on with their plan and their day. If they were to be interrupted every time someone felt like interrupting them, they would not get their productive day into motion. .

Take a lesson, plan and FOCUS on your plans and don’t get side-tracked until you have finished what you need to do for the day.

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