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New business ideas for you to make money!

Want to make money? If you’re stuck for a business idea, let me suggest location, location, location! You see, depending on your location, you could be sitting on a gold-mine. For example, if you live near Bicester Village or any other decent “outlet" and you are knowledgeable about fashion, you could purchase things there cheaply and sell select items online for a profit. You can even be smart and get a tourist’s 10% off card or befriend a tourist and get a further discount there. Or let’s say you travel to a particular place regularly that has “something” that you cannot find in your own country. You can bring it back and sell it online or to local stores. Some locations have a bigger demand for certain things. For example, high net worth areas may be a good place to sell pet accessories or baby clothes/toys. When I say “area” I mean geographically but I also mean on the web. In other words, you could run a campaign on Facebook “targeting” specific demographics. It is not difficult to do a deal with a toy or pet accessory distributor to get their products cheap and then sell on to these “hot” physical or virtual areas. Remember, when you are negotiating to put a strong case forward so you get the best deals. If you have no upfront money, you can always act as a broker. So many people do this with cars! They find buyers with power and money and find sellers who are motivated and put them together and take commission. You need to look professional, confident and knowledgeable for a good chance here. . The point is that as long as you’re determined and driven, you’ll get there. Winning starts with beginning.

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