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Why Success Is Planned and never usually happens by accident!

Success is planned and rarely happens by accident. This company, Izon made really nice cameras. I had them all over one of my houses. They record with motion during the day, at night and save the photos and videos for you forever and for no extra cost than the £120 you pay for the camera. Guess what? They just went bankrupt! I mean, who the hell wrote their business plan??? 🤷🏼‍♂️ On the other hand you have Ring, which have a doorbell that also records, answers and lets you talk to people too. They charge a monthly fee. How can Izon possibly think that they will survive by allowing every purchaser of their cameras to save unlimited photos and videos for eternity with just the cost of the camera? Didn’t they think about all the storage costs they will be encountering? I don’t know if this was why they went bankrupt and am speculating but it would sure make sense if that was a contributory reason. Needless to say my Izon cameras have all stopped working and my Ring camera is still going strong. THIS sort of thing is exactly what I talk about in my latest book How To Start A Profitable Business (click link in my bio). You see, unless you have a proper plan for your business FROM THE OUTSET, you can well end up being an Izon. Don’t let this happen to you. Invest in a business plan and follow a structured path that will mean you become a Ring and not an Izon. It is very difficult to change things “after” problems arise, so it is a good idea to avoid problems by having a solid plan from the start.

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