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Why you cannot please everyone and how to be happier and more successful by not trying!

One piece of advice I wish someone wise had given me long ago is this: 👉You cannot please everyone. 👈 You literally cannot! Don’t try because you will have an unhappy and unsuccessful life. Let me give you some examples. 1. Let’s say you have a business serving high end clients. You try and not lose customers and try to sell to everyone (mistake). Well, you will upset your high end clients because you will have to discount and they won’t like that as they have paid full price. You will upset your low-end clients because you cannot continue supplying them at a discounted rate! You will be much more successful sticking to one. 2. Your wife/husband/partner doesn’t get on with your family or friends. Don’t even try and please them all! You will be doomed! . . It’s your life and your ONLY life (sorry to be the bearer of bad news!) so the first and only person you should be really worried about pleasing is you. The last thing you want is regret and moments you cannot get back. I have done a new short podcast on this. Search “Parham Donyai” in the iTunes Store or on Youtube. . . I know a lot of people feel they need to please everyone as I get constant messages on this. Honestly, you will be unhappy, depressed, drained and anxious. Just decide to make a stand and don’t worry about the consequences. People will always come round to your way if you are certain and determined enough and you don’t waver. Be strong.

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