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How to be "terrific" at networking!

Some of the most successful people out there are terrific at networking. You’ve probably heard the phrase “your net worth is your network”, right? Whilst it may not be so for all, someone who is good at networking is much more likely to be successful in scenarios where others may fail. .

Take a very simple example, that of my offer to take someone to lunch to talk about business and life. Those in the top 3 were clearly all very good at networking with the eventual winner being fantastic at networking. He is going to get a nice lunch in a top restaurant paid by me and hopefully learn something new too. He didn’t spend any money, he just tapped into his network to get the most likes. . . How can you get to be incredible at networking? 1. Never ever assume things about people. 2. Be friendly to everyone. 3. Be open and accommodating. 4. Don’t say no to people; replace no with “probably”. . 5. Put yourself out there physically in real life (and smile) and on social media. 6. Connect with “super-connectors”.

7. Join various communities, as many as you can. 8. Be useful to people and make “real” connections i.e. be their friend, not just a name.

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