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12 words of wisdom from the 103 year old Hollywood Legend Kirk Douglas!

Kirk Douglas, the last remaining Hollywood Icon from the golden years turned 103 a few days ago. Despite many ups and downs, including a stroke that robbed him of his ability to speak and a mid-air helicopter crash, he is still here!

What words of wisdom does he have to offer us youngsters? I scoured many articles and quotes from him and found these golden nuggets for you: 1. You are here on this earth to do good. 2. Have a soulmate. Kirk has been married for 65 years! 3. Don’t stay with someone if you are deeply unhappy. 4. Have respect for people even if you don’t get on with them. 5. Don’t be pulled down by people’s negativity and stay away from negative people. 6. Talk and let your feelings out. 7. Surround yourself with the right people who help you grow. 8. Give things your very best shot. 9. Keep active and work out. 10. Have a good support network of the right people around you. 11. See yourself as a bouncing ball and have the ability to bounce back from setbacks, however big. 12. Be open-minded towards spirituality. Happy birthday Kirk and thanks for all your movies and words of wisdom.

Kirk Douglas words of wisdom

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