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12 ways to be smarter on social media and in business and become more successful

One of the most interesting (probably in a bad way) of our new age and social media is the deceits/ frauds people are able to do. It started out with the spam emails, then phishing and now on a mass scale on platforms like Instagram. If you want to be successful through networking or partnering up with the right people, you REALLY need to be careful and do your due diligence on them. Over the last year or so I have come across so many people that have created elaborate “stories” about themselves that it’s just crazy. . . Instagram especially, allows you to come across as a completely different person to who you are. It’s great for you if you are trying to better yourself. It’s bad news if you are looking for people to help you, because you will come across people who are not genuine or ANYTHING like how they showcase themselves. Be careful! Personally, I use these rules: 1. Never be too desperate to make money, especially easy/ quick money. 2. Never make decisions when emotional (happy, sad, desperate). 3. Never partner up with people unless you trust them like a brother/ sister and you have known the true them for a while (not their Instagram profile). 4. Never be taken in with hype. 5. Don’t follow the masses just because others are doing something. 6. Check statistics in everything and make sure they add up. 7. Always have a written agreement with people. Ideally overseen by a lawyer. 8. Never get excited and just go with something. Write down and agree terms (as above). 9. Assume what people are telling you is BS unless proven otherwise in a logical and statistically proven way or with actual evidence. 10. Ask the opinion of experts and people smarter than you! That’s what I do when I mentor people! I tell them things they have no clue about or experience in and help them out! When I am stuck (which is rare), I ask people who are smarter than me. 11. Don’t be in a rush. Take your time; sometimes you need to be patient and see how things play out. 12. Don’t part with money upfront.

The best of luck in creating your own success. 👍

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