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Why making decisions on emotions AND with speed are the WORST decisions you will make

We live in such a world of “rush” and many of your decisions based on 2 things (below) are going to end up as terrible decisions. What are those 2 things? Firstly let me explain the problem with rushing. You want sex right now, so Tinder is your go-to medium; not your local coffee shop/ bar or social club - where you need to do some work to get the girl/ guy (heaven forbid you have to work for something!!!). End result? Emotional unfulfillment and maybe some syphilis thrown in. You want a luxury car right now, not when you have earned the money; so you lease a car you can’t actually afford. End result? More debt!

You want to get rich like all these people you see on social media (never mind that they are not rich in fact!) and drive a Lamborghini; so you go and WASTE £5k or £10k on a course or product to get you really rich, really quick. End result? You lose the money that could have actually been invested in a real business. I started one of my businesses which turned over £200m with just £5000 (think about that the next time you think £5000 won’t make you a millionaire)! Whenever you make decisions based on emotion AND you combine them with being in a rush, you will make terrible decisions.

The trick is to recognise this and stop yourself, no matter how irresistible the short-term proposition is. Step back, take yourself out of your body and give yourself some thinking time.

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