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How some sayings can really impact your thoughts and success

Success comes with good and bad. I find certain sayings very powerful and helpful at times. The latest one I have adopted is “Be kind”.

As you become more successful with less time and more pressures, you may find yourself more impatient, more intolerant, more judgemental and ultimately less kind. Sometimes I find that I’m running at 1000 miles per hour and let’s just say, I could be “kinder”. By consciously thinking it and saying “be kind” in different situations, you bring a powerful phrase that can impact your behaviour and decisions. For example, if you find you are about to be judgemental or “short” with someone, be kind!

Here are a few of the past saying that have helped me through various stages of life: 1. When I was younger and very worried about death and kept thinking about it: “Just enjoy life and have fun. Don’t worry”.

2. When everything was a big deal or a big problem occurs: “This too shall pass.”

3. When you want ideas for your business: “Your business is as big as your imagination."

4. When someone is nasty and really upsets you and you want to take revenge: “What goes around comes around.”

5. When you think everything comes easy and you get disappointed when you don’t get a quick result: “All good things come to those who wait!”

Hope you like the above. Anyway, now I am off to be kind 😃

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