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10 Things They Don't Tell You When You Are Young

People have been messaging me asking why am I washing my own cars? The answer is, there will be a day when I won’t be able to! It’s many years in the future of course, but for now, I am going to enjoy the simple pleasures. Here are 10 things people don’t tell you, especially when you’re younger: 1. As you age, you get a lot of aches and pains and your sight starts going, especially after 40. Enjoy your pain-free limbs and amazing eyes!!! 2. “Passion” will not pay the bills. Practicality does. 3. You become much more risk-averse as you age. You won’t take as many chances in all areas. This could be why a lot of older people stay single and why not many people start businesses past 50. 4. Soap dries your skin and makes you look older much earlier. The ingredients in soap are known skin irritants! 5. You have to work on anything that is important or matters. If you didn’t have to initially, it doesn’t mean you get to keep it by not working on it. Examples: relationships with spouse/ friends. 6. As you get older, the days you remember are those unplanned, spontaneous days. Try to have more of them! 7. Your health is very much governed by how you see yourself. If you think you’re ill, you are ill. If you think you’re well, you are well - or in a much better position. 8. You cannot explain stupid to stupid. Don’t bother, don’t waste your time even for a second. You won’t change the opinions of someone that does not have the RAM to process what you are saying. Leave it. 9. When you FOCUS on something you REALLY want, you will always get it. The problem is, most of us don’t know how to focus. 10. Life in 2020 is a constant battle for most people in the modern world between doing what THEY want and what others want or push you to want (directly or indirectly). Stick to what makes you happy for YOU. Pleasing others is a loser’s game.

Parham Donyai, Mentor, Entrepreneur

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