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Why you cannot "force" Entrepreneurship

You cannot “force” entrepreneurship. You can “force” yourself to go and chat up a girl or a guy and that will get you out of your comfort zone and better you as a person but you can’t force becoming something that you are not, especially in your vocation because long-term, you will fail and be unhappy. If you are the “type” to start your own business or become an entrepreneur AND succeed, then you should pursue that path and you WILL pursue that path in time. In my book “How to be a Successful Entrepreneur” (available from Amazon) I list the TRAITS of someone that is destined for success in entrepreneurship. The difference between successful people and others is them being able to DIFFERENTIATE the “difference” early on. For example, if you are not the entrepreneur type, then start a good job and work your way up and you will do well in life. 99% of people end up working for others anyway! Entrepreneurship is a “zone”. It is a way of thinking, way of being and way of living. If you are destined for it, you will make it. The problem is that most people, especially young people these days are deluded and misguided into thinking THEY are the chosen one and THEY will be successful business people. There is nothing wrong with aspirations, but sometimes you need to choose the right PATH early on and not delude yourself because life goes by fast and you don’t want to be a long way down the wrong path later on in life. With the above in mind, I have done a new podcast on “Planning for success at a young age”. It is one of my more interesting podcasts and whether you in your teens, 20s or later, you may find it very useful. Check it out by downloading my FREE mentoring app: “F17ONE MENTOR” from the app/ play stores or listen to my podcast for free on Spotify, iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher, tuneIn, Soundcloud etc . I also give you some free business ideas in this podcast such as a Corona Emergency Kit, Corona Delivery Packaging and more.

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