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What business should you start during coronavirus?

Notice that one of the main social media sensations that is a self-proclaimed "predictor of the future" is doing anything but! 😂 That’s because no one knows where this Coronavirus problem is going. Yesterday on my live zoom chat people asked me what business they should think about starting right now. My straight answer is nothing! These are extremely uncertain times and we have a long way to go until the world is back to what can be deemed even remotely close to normality. Sorry, don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but that is just my opinion. If you are serious about doing something, then I would suggest the following: 1. Support people with businesses - For example, one of the karate instructors I know is desperately trying to keep his business by doing remote mass teaching. People like him should be applauded and supported and if you were in his class, you mustn’t withdraw and abandon him. Even if you don’t pay full price for a remote session, you should join people like him. Same with local suppliers of fruits, vegetables, dairy etc etc Yes this is a time to not spend on silly stuff but it is also a time to spend something on helping businesses around you. Already, loads of businesses are going down and if these local businesses are not helped, we will be in a much worse position when we are out of this. 2. If you REALLy want to start a business now, then you need to be looking at supplying what people are ‘short’ on. These are sanitation products, immune-boosting supplements, bin bags and anything to do with ‘delivery' that can help a struggling business or a business that cannot meet demand. 3. As for what business to start, you should probably wait and see how this plays out. If the USA doesn’t get a grip on their massive outbreak in time and their economy goes south, then we will all be suffering for many months if not years to come; just my opinion. Wait. Very soon, opportunities will open up and they will be obvious and in front of your eyes. Many people will need to sell things cheap just to put food on the table. Sad times but we will pull through and hopefully you will be a kinder, more appreciative person.

Parham Donyai, Miami, USA

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