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10 ways to make money NOW during Coronavirus #lockdown

10 ways to make money at home whilst in lockdown by @f17one: 1. Buy a pasta-maker from Amazon. Make Pasta at home, sell it. 2. Rent your car out to someone that needs a car. 3. Offer services such as shopping to older rich people. 4. Teach a language remotely e.g. English! 5. Start a farm at home. 6. Offer space to someone that needs it. For example, your garage to a person that needs to work or make content. 7. Bid on LOTS of things very cheaply. The ones you get at a silly price, re-market and sell online for a higher price by doing a long auction and ending on Sunday evening. 8. Sell things you’re not using on eBay. 9. Write a book, make music or make something. Use Amazon, eBay, re-seller companies and groups/ forums to sell them. 10. Start a youtube channel. Pick a topic you know about. Search content and use the filter to find those with Creative Commons license. Re-use them in your own video. Be consistent and persistent. The best of luck with making money online whilst at home.

10 ways to make money during coronavirus

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