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How to change WHO you are to become successful

My grandfather was a very angry man. When he turned 60, he suddenly decided he was going to be relaxed and kind. He never uttered a harsh word again and by all accounts, he remained an extremely pleasant man until his death at 86.

He was a rare exception to the rule. What rule is that you may ask? The rule that you cannot change WHO you are. No matter how much you try, you will eventually switch back to your inner self. Do you believe that?

I do, apart from one little word: Motivation.

If you have the motivation, you can do anything including changing yourself in an instant. And how do you I really know this? Apart from having seen it in very special people, I did this in my 20s myself. I went from a caring, sensitive “worker” to a driven, focused entrepreneur and made my first million in just 1 year.

Maybe I do have my grandfather’s genes after all in more than one way. You see, I too am rather “intolerant” but my motivation for overcoming that is not as strong as my motivation for wanting to earn money in my twenties. Hence I have failed at being more tolerant permanently - thus far.

Now, you are in Lockdown for a while. If you have been doing the same thing all your life and not getting what you REALLY want, then this may be a time to do the switch.

You need to find that life-changing motivation that takes you away from “yourself” and turns you into a different person. It’s not easy to find it and 99% of people don’t find it.

You can be the 1% if you try hard enough. Even if you’ve lost your job during these harsh times, maybe it’s time to make that move to your true destiny.

The very best of luck to you.

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