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10 things I have learned about money

1. Money brings more money (if you are smart). 2. Making money for most people is possible in a zone between patience and impatience but more on the side of impatience i.e. act rather than just sit, especially short-term money. Long-term retention of wealth requires patience. 3. Money does not buy happiness for sure, but it can bring you closer to it. For example, you can afford more Prozac 😃 4. If you are the type that begs for money, you will never be rich. 5. Bringing money into friendships or relationships is recipe for doom. 6. People say money as the sole aim for a business is not good. I personally think it is the ONLY way to guarantee longevity because it makes you pay constant attention to those key money matters: turnover, profit, loss. 7. If you lend money to a good friend, don’t expect it back otherwise your friendship may end. 8. Money very often brings out the worst in people, never the best. 9. If you give money away… no, it doesn’t start coming back to you in abundance! The filthy rich guys you see giving money away very often HAVE to do it for tax reasons or they do it to “show off”! Yes there are some nice rich people but they are the exception in my experience. 10. The key to making money is a complex set of rules but simplified in: real desire and an unshakable “reason” for wanting it, very high goal-setting and then a LOT of hard work and total dedication and perseverance no matter what.

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