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Why I don't believe the world should be shut down like this

I’m 49. I can’t recall another time when the whole world literally turned against entrepreneurship and put up as many barriers against having a business. From small corner shops to huge companies like Virgin, they are all having to fight tooth and nail to keep going as entrepreneurial entities. Furloughing, has meant that some don’t even care about fighting any more. Not really agreeing with shutting down the world in this way, I have been reading about other alternative opinions on what exactly is going on. There are many interesting opinions out there. I am not saying believe all the conspiracy theories but I would suggest, have an “open mind”. As an entrepreneur, I obviously don’t want businesses closed. As a family man and human, I don’t want people to die. However, I can’t help but to think there is more to this Coronavirus story than meets the eye. I come across more and more people who don’t believe it exists. I believe it exists but it is not necessarily what we are being told. Even the hypocrite main UK govt. advisor clearly doesn’t believe in its dangers. This is so crucial. It’s like for the first time, you have been given a glimpse into the “alternative”. If you can’t believe the main guy that with his “simulation” sent 66m people into lockdown, then you need to start questioning things. No? Is it trying to kill off the over-population ? Is it about rolling out 5g? Is it about getting more people to become dependant on the higher powers? Or is it just a virus even though no one can actually prove that it is a virus by some accounts? Either way, if you come out of this with any or all of the below, you have done well: 1. Stay sane and keep your mental health 2. Stay healthy 3. Be as positive about life as you were before 4. Have a job or keep your business 5. Keep your marriage or partnership in tact I would say the truth will be revealed soon but it may not!

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