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Why the ones who preach may be the ones you shouldn't listen to!

This was my first Lamborghini. When I am in London, I stay in one of my houses that is worth around £6m. The street has 20 houses. Out of all of the people in the road, I 100% look the wealthiest. Supercars outside, cameras everywhere etc. The other day I was reading about a neighbour further down and how he is a multi-billlionaire! Worth 10 BILLION (yes with a B)! He is very quiet, keeps himself to himself and has a £4k car parked outside! As you get older, you realise certain things. One of the things that I have come to realise more and more is that the ones that make the most noise are not necessarily the smartest ones (that includes me!). The ones that “show off” all that wealth are not the richest. That saying: “if you know, you know” is becoming more clear to me! You have the ones that go to Marbella every summer driving around endlessly in their supercars, showing off their “wealth". Then you have the ones that go to their own private island! The same goes for people and their opinions. The ones that are always telling you how to educate your kids, always giving their opinions on things to do with your life and so on are the ones who know the least and have the most issues with their own life! The ones who close their minds to anything alternative and open their mouths constantly are the ones NOT to listen to! With the above in mind and having turned 49, I try and be much more quiet around people and “observe” more. You will be surprised how much you can learn when you are not trying to convince people of anything. Obviously I can’t be that quiet as I have quite a few businesses and clients that I mentor - but you get the point. I will leave you with this thought: Previously, if I was in Puero Banus and I saw a row of yachts, I would be curious about the yacht with the big party, the girls, the supercars outside and the loud music. As I grow older, I am more curious and that quiet yacht at the end.

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