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What is the UK government up to with this furlough business???!

My student loan was like a dead weight that I couldn’t shift for many years of my early life.

The UK government is extending the furlough scheme until October?

W T F is going on? 🤷🏼‍♂️ So, they want to get the economy going (so they say) but they are actively encouraging people to stay at home and get paid! And who is paying? Well, everyone! Current and future generations! This is going to be the student loan that everyone will have to service for many years to come. Entrepreneurs that can now open and are rearing to go to try and salvage what’s left of their business now have to BEG their employees to come to work and try and convince them?

This constant “fear" plus 80% of wages being paid for lazying about at home... and who wants to work? Add the upcoming national depression (which is coming I’m convinced) as a result of not being able to even have a holiday and by October there is going to be an epidemic of lazy, depressed and unmotivated people NOT ready to get back to work!

Meanwhile in Sweden, bars are open, coffee shops are open, life goes on with sensible social distancing and the death toll from the so-called “killer virus” is no higher than most other countries.

Let’s not even get into the doubts expressed over statistics being manipulated to show that normal expected old age deaths are being put down as “coronavirus deaths”. Old people are not being allowed into hospitals to die there and so there are apparently lots of “care-home deaths” 🤔 Sounds so much scarier and sells more papers. “Make people fearful and you can control them” 🤔

I don’t usually get political as everyone has their own views and politics is a bit like religion. However, what is happening cannot be as a result of a virus that many people have already got.

THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Even the UK government says the peak has passed and they are still basically bribing people to not work??! WTF is that? Why not test everyone and at least let people who have had COVID-19 go about their business? That’s possibly around 10m people in the UK.

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