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Why you need to picture yourself in 20 years' time

Can you picture you, in 20 years’ time? What will you look like, how will you act, how happy will you be, where will you be, how much money will you have, how healthy will you be?

The above questions should bring some focus to your life. Most of us don’t think that far or plan for it. If you are 20, what will a 40 year old version of you look like? If you want to succeed you must start thinking ahead and planning ahead. You cannot live the same life every year over and over. Each year has to be different.

I remember years ago I went to Vienna to meet some friends I hadn’t seen for years. They had finished studying and were working in various places. Their friends came along as well, some Turks, some Persians. We hung around, went round Vienna etc and I got on well with all of them. At the end of the night I went back to my hotel suite which was the best one in Vienna (can’t remember the name).

Suddenly it dawned on all of them that this wasn’t the same 20 year old Parham they knew. This was a 30 year old multi-millionaire Parham. I looked the same, hung out the same, was on their level seemingly for the day, eating in student digs etc with them but back home, I was now a 30 year old version of my old myself, super-charged and MILES away from my early twenties.

THIS is the sort of thing I am talking about. Every year you need to improve in every respect and that comes about from goal setting and keeping going until you get to your goals. No excuses. Your 30 year old version must NEVER be the same as your 20 year old version if you are ambitious.

I don’t see my Vienna friends any more. Not because I didn’t want to but because I had moved on so much from our early twenties that “they” no longer felt on my level or that they had anything in common with me. Oh well!

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