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Why you need to focus on yourself and not others to be successful

I was speaking to a relative of mine and he was saying how another close relative disapproves of me! He disapproves of me buying so many cars, travelling so much and buying so many houses! Apparently you only need 1 house and 1 car. This got me thinking just how many people are focused on others rather than themselves.

One of the things I discovered early on is that successful people are quite often seen as selfish. My old boss had the label of selfish and arrogant attached to him. After getting to know him, I realised he is not selfish per se. He was just very focused. If you want to be more successful, you need to set your own goals, choose your path to those goals and then set about achieving them without losing focus. . It is quite easy to lose focus! It happens to 99% of people! Sometimes you just give up on your goals or other times you get lost in the journey! Many people get lost in the journey and get sidetracked and soon give up. Focus is something you need to practice. For example, if you have stuff to do, don’t wake up in the morning reading the news. Get on with what YOU have planned. Don’t let the environment hijack your plans. The majority of people who are obsessed, critical or judgemental of others, are unsuccessful and live pathetic little lives. My relative that criticises my way of living lives in a heavily mortgaged house, takes 1 holiday a year and has a 10 year old car. He is also extremely unhappy about so many things. I don’t judge him. In fact, I don’t even care. Too busy on my own goals. Life is short. Set some high goals, go about achieving them and don’t get distracted. Try not to judge as it reflects badly on you. .

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