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Dealing with one's flaws

One of the biggest reality checks in life is how flawed we all are. It sort of creeps up on you. You may realise it early on or you may suddenly have your eyes opened!

When you open your eyes, you start seeing so many people with big flaws. Here are a few: Control freaks Addicts (to many things) Emotionally immature Unfaithful Depressed Bipolar Liars Etc etc

When you take these into account, you realise that there are very few “normal” people in the world. Seriously! So actually “normal” is in reality not being normal and being flawed! 🤔 If you do come across people who are close to “stable” then cherish them!! They will be a rock for you and will do you a world of good. If you happen to be honest enough with yourself to notice and accept your own faults, then you need to try and work on them. Life is about progress and becoming the best version of you.

As I reached 49, I realised that despite immense success and being generally happy, I had so many flaws. Intolerance being top of the list. With great persistence, I am working on it and becoming more tolerant of people who used to annoy the hell out of me (not their fault but my fault for being intolerant and reacting negatively). Many people say things like “your flaws are part of you”. Be that as it may, if your flaws are negatively affecting the people around you, then you should perhaps work on them!

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