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Happiness in your 20s vs your 40s: The differences

When I was in my early twenties, I was stressed about exams and bought some Ylang Ylang oil to put in my bath to relax. Tonight, I found a small bottle and did the same. It had been some 28+ years! Funny, it really brought back memories - instantly (I’ve talked about scents and their effect as super-hero makers in my books). What I found interesting is that it was almost like I was in the bath as a 21 year old again! My memory became so sharp. Here are my comparisons from then and now at 49 and what I was thinking about then and now. 21. How am I going to make a move on Tania in the club on Saturday. 49. How lucky I am to be married to my wife. 21. How am I going to pass my exams with such terrible mock grades. 49. In the end, exams made no difference to my success. 21. I am so worried about possibly losing my hair like my dad. 49. I couldn’t care less about thinning hair. 21. How am I going to save up £300 to make it to Larnaca this summer. 49. How am I going to complete on those 4 properties with all this Covid stuff. 21. I am not big enough. 49. I am not ripped enough. And more but I am running out of space here. The most amazing observation for me is that despite life’s challenges then, at 21, I was happy. Now, despite other much bigger challenges, I am still happy. Happy in a different way, not as “pure” as when I was 21.

I guess if you can live your life happy at whatever age or stage, you have had a good life irrespective of money.

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