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How to deal with your demons

Did you read the story of Ed Mitchell, the £90k a year newsreader, now an alcoholic, living on the streets. How sad, to lose your job, wife and children. Many people get caught out by dormant genes, laying in wait to screw you up just when you thought life is good! I know quite a few people that are depressed, bipolar, addicts, gamblers and alcoholics. Most of them reach nowhere near their best life due to the negative effects of their shortcomings.

Whilst it is easy to blame them for their problems, a lot of these problems are extremely difficult to overcome. Your genes are inherited and just like you can get heart attack or cancer genes, you can also inherit genes which interfere with your mental state. Also just like cancer genes, they can get “triggered” by an event, trauma, stress etc . The 3 pillars of success are: 1. Literally “tasting” it and going all out. 2. Having no fear. 3. Not letting anything get in your way. The bad genes (if you’re unlucky enough to have them) can let you get away with the above… until they start taking over! What to do? I am not a psychologist and if I knew the cure for mental issues, I would be a lot richer! However, from my own experiences, I would say first you need to "identify” if there is a bad gene in you and watch out for what it may be - maybe take a look around your family. For example, do you have chronically depressed family members? Then, you need to start dealing with it very early on. For example, I have the gambling gene in me but from a very early age, I worked on my willpower and developed willpower unlike most people. Even if the bad gambling gene says “Hey Parham, go and put £1m in this car to see if it goes up” my willpower says “F^%ck you bad gene”. 😁 Well most of the time anyway. I wish you luck in dealing with your demons!

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