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This secret can make you more successful in everything

Here’s something that can make you a LOT more successful. I had a guy come to me a few months back with a strange request. He was not getting through to his teenage son and wanted my help. I suggested a psychologist but he was adamant. Who was I to refuse good money? 😁 Especially when I could help! After sitting down with him and them together, I realised something. I realised that the son is a “reward” and not a “punishment” person. NLP has different names for this simple breakdown. What did this mean? It meant that the father’s way of “you are not going to get this” “you are not going to have that” sort of getting through to his son was having no effect. So we changed things around slightly. Instead of “I am going to take your games console away” we went more for “you can have a new game if you do this”.

MY GOD! It made such a difference. You have to understand that most people are one or the other. Take a married couple. The wife may be used to saying “you are not going to get sex if you blah blah”. If the husband is a “reward” type of person, she would be MUCH better off telling him “you are going to get even more sex or a different type of sex” 🤭

Same principle applies to EVERYONE! You must find out which type you are and you need to change your internal language to yourself and external stimuli immediately to have better results from your own mind. For example, I am the Reward type. Losing everything means nothing to me and doesn’t scare or motivate me. GAINING a lot more motivates the hell out of me. In other words, punishment doesn’t motivate me. I always set my sights on what I can gain, not what I may lose. Once you recognise your key motivator, you can make huge leaps in personal development and entrepreneurial success i.e getting motivated and making money! Same goes for those around you.

You can also try and “change” your type but people rarely change and it can be a mission or you may revert back, so probably best and easier to accept and accommodate your type!

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