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Money doesn't buy happiness and here's what my older friend told me

Years ago when I had first met my wife I had an argument with her. I was speaking to my friend Eddie, a wise 65 year old multimillionaire and telling him “but she did this... she said that..”. He was not interested in the details. His answer was a very simple “just go and give her a kiss and say you are sorry!”. Against all my protestations and inner arguments, I did give her a kiss, said I was sorry and that was that! What I learnt that day was that life is too short and not worth arguing and trying to “prove a point” all the time (being a Taurus, this is hard not to do!). Don’t get me wrong. I am no saint and have subsequently been petty and argued over things but I nowadays try and go back more to what my friend Eddie said. It is much better to have a peaceful life, not fight for no reason and not have an ego than to be too sensitive in relationships - whether business or personal. You see, life is not about money and material stuff. Life in its basic format is about moments and relationships. It is about having fun, not getting down over silly things and not taking it too seriously. Money does not buy happiness. Enjoying the simple pleasures buys happiness and quite often, believe it or not, money and material things get in the way of that happiness! Never has there been a truer demonstration of the above than Steve Bing’s suicide at 55. With over £500m to his name and a lifetime of being rich, he couldn’t bring himself to get close to his kids or enjoy the simple things in life. I don’t know the full story. Just making a general observation. Sometimes we get too stuck on our own opinions, other people’s judgement and the end destination (that may or may not ever come) and we end up not enjoying the ride. Goal-setting is good. However, it is also important to set “enjoying life” & having "great personal relationships” as goals too. If I could live my life up to this point again, I would try and be less stubborn, be less argumentative, let go more, be less sensitive, tone down the ego and take more pleasure in the now than some time in the future. Jeez that’s a long list! 🤦‍♂️

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