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10 people I have no time for and perhaps you can choose a few for yourself!

Here are 10 people I have no time for. You may want to pick some or all of these for yourself 🤓 1. Anyone that calls me “bruv” or “bro” without knowing me or having just met me! This simple word(s) says a lot about who they are and their intentions! 2. People who seem to always want something. You never hear from them unless they want something from you! Have you noticed how some people never ask you how you are or just say a simple hello? They only contact you when it is something to do with THEIR needs. 3. Karens and Darrens! I love these new terms because they really encompasses a specific type of neurosis, the sufferer of which is completely oblivious to how annoying and ridiculous they are! 4. Anyone that bad-mouths others.

5. People who are friendly one minute and try and avoid you the next. I never realised before how the world is full of them! Maybe it’s just me! Maybe people like to avoid me one day and say hello the next 🙁 6. Those who take an eternity to get to the point. Life is too short to sit there listening to people’s background stories!

7. Non achievers who give advice on how to get rich. So many deluded people out there.

8. Super rich people who are tight! A terrible trait.

9. People who put clinging on to bachelor life ahead of their children! 10. People who make out they are charitable when they only care about how being charitable makes them “look” or for the ultra rich, how much tax it saves them.

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