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Why even millionaires can get depressed

Been trying to reach one of my friends for a couple of months via his WhatsApp. He is a millionaire who has business interests across several continents. His WhatsApp has been dead as have his other numbers. I thought maybe he has got Covid19 or the more advanced version not released to the general public (yet) Covid20! Finally, I tracked him down to Africa and couldn’t believe how down he was. This man, lives in one of the best buildings in Marbella, dines in the best restaurants, always happy, always partying, was not himself AT ALL and got me worried. He has been in lockdown in a country he didn’t want to be in with all borders closed until end of this month; 40 degree heat, nowhere to go AND he lost his phone. Not being technically minded, he has not been able to get his contacts which were all on his Spanish phone. This very thing makes me think he’s really not himself! Such a simple problem! Anyway, my point is, SO MANY people are experiencing mental health issues right now. People you would NEVER expect to be down and/or on Antidepressants and totally lost! Honestly, this global lockdown has stripped down the meat and bone of so many people and left mere depressed shells of them. If you are one of these people that find life very hard right now and either know why (coronavirus) or don’t know why, you are not alone. You must get some help before things start taking you down to a point where you no longer have control.

Talk to friends/ relatives/ counsellors, ask for help, take time off, occupy yourself, have a routine, get out and about, exercise, eat clean … do something to break the downward spiral until this thing passes. You are not alone. Most people are experiencing mild to moderate mental symptoms from this unprecedented global nightmare. Don’t let it take you somewhere which is hard/difficult to come back from.

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