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Advice for a 30 year old self after 20 years

This is today, sitting next to my 30 year old self! What advice would I give him?

1. Never let others tell you what to do!

2. Never make decisions based on fear.

3. Stick to your principles, even if people around you are unprincipled.

4. If you want to get wealthy, lead with your head - never with your heart.

5. If you are not thinking of growing in some way, you are going backwards.

6. Just because others are lazy, it does’t mean you should set your standards by them!

7. Twenty years flies by with a blink of an eye. Make sure you have short term goals and long term ones too.

8. 90% of the people you know at 30 will still be doing the same thing by the time they are 50 or will be even worse off.

9. Make your 20s and 30s your best decade if you can. Life doesn’t stop at 40 or 50 but your 20s and 30s are special.

10. Those days when you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone are the days that really count.


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