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Help with anxiety and depression

I’ve been a qualified complimentary medicine practitioner for 30 years!

Hard times for so many. Here’s my 10 point plan for coming out of depression/ anxiety. Will cost you up to £100 but it’s worth it.

1. 10mg or 2 (up to 6) sprays of CBD oil twice a day. I am not pro CBD but if you can’t break the cycle of anxiety, you may need it.

2. St John’s Wort. Buy a good brand and follow the instructions. 1-2 tablets a day.

3. Rescue remedy day: Spray under the tongue when needed.

Rescue remedy night:

2-3 sprays under the tongue before sleep.

4. Chamomile tea - A good brand like Teapigs with proper flowers. Brew for 15-20 mins and drink when needed.

5. Count 7 to breathe in slowly, hold for 7 counts, breathe out for 11 counts. Repeat 7-10 times.

6. Take a multivitamin and a separate B-complex and a vitamin D supplement.

7. Cut down on caffeine and stimulants. This is important. Chocolate, coffee, energy drinks, tea.

8. Learn mindfulness. Get an App and do it twice a day. It’s simply focusing on a spot, focusing on your breathing and living in that moment.

9. Press your anxiety acupressure points for 3 minutes. At the wrist point under the little finger, under the thumb, at the bottom of the thumbnail on the side (inner), middle point of your sternum and navel, middle of chest in line with nipples. Very effective and you can do them any time.

10. Exercise but make sure you are pushing yourself not just walking. You need some pain and discomfort to take your mind off things and get your body more relaxed after.


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