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How recognising that some people are different from you can lead to more success

Differences and spotting them can be very useful in life. For example, one of the issues some people have in life is not recognising that others are different from them and holding them to the same standards as themselves. Some people just can’t see or accept that someone is different and sees the world differently from them. You blame them for being late, for being unhygienic (according to your standards), for being dumb, for being a nerd and so on.

Last year I put a big plastic tub in my London garden. I filled it with water and a year later, it probably has the filthiest water you have ever seen. However, from this “pond”, birds drink, squirrels drink, even foxes come and drink. At no point am I expecting them to get ill from the water because I know they are different to us humans. I recognise it and I accept it.

Quite often though, this dramatic gap is the sort of difference between people; we choose not to see it. Everyone has their own standards and their own way of doing things. It is by recognising these and accepting them, that we end up being happier. We end up having better relationships and more importantly, we don’t get as upset or angry.

Next time you see a mega slow car in front of you, recognise that it may be an old person with cognition issues that may be slowing you down. They ARE different to you. There is nothing wrong with that. You are different to them. Once you recognise and accept differences between you and others, you will no longer suffer and you will find that by accepting people for who they are, you end up having some great relationships. It’s not easy but you can certainly start right now by being more accepting of someone close to you that has been affecting you in a negative way.

I am saying the above because I have seen it so often when I mentor people that they don’t progress in certain areas because they “can’t stand that person” or “hate” this person or find working with a colleague a nightmare and so on. The issue is not the other person. The issue is them. If you work on yourself, you can conquer the world, but it starts with conquering people around you.

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