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Want to make BIG money? Let's play this game...

Want to make enough money to buy your own Mclaren P1? Let’s get you started. If you are SERIOUS, then you need to do the following. This is part one. If enough of you achieve this task successfully and DM me, I will tell you part two. Step 1) You need to go round your house and find anything remotely valuable that you have not used for over 6 months. I am not talking about your mother’s jewellery! 🙄 I am talking about things lying around that you haven’t used and won’t really use again. It needs to be at least £100 worth but ideally more. Examples: old printers, camera, stamps, whatever. Gather them, photograph them and put them on eBay to sell over 10 days to end on a Sunday evening.

Step 2) Once you have sold them, you need to take that money and buy whatever you think will sell for double what you will pay for it. This needs to be relevant to you; ideally something you have knowledge about or something you are good at. Examples: rare books, something you can negotiate down (but know you can sell for double), something only you have access to. I can’t help you with this bit as I don’t know each of you well enough! You need to think about it, write down a plan and MAKE SURE that whatever you buy, WILL sell for at least double, whether on eBay or to friends/relatives/others (be careful you don’t lose your money with this task / take your time and make sure you double it). The above is not complicated and if you plan it right, you will be able to do it.

Once you have done the second step and sold whatever you bought with your money for at least twice the amount, get back to me via DM. I will then tell you the next juicy step.


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